Welcome to Muscovy Ducks - Learn the true VALUES of Muscovy Ducks - Stop the lies and killings of these special ducks. Welcome to Muscovy Ducks - Learn the true VALUES of Muscovy Ducks - Stop the lies and killings of these special ducks.


These are my own drawings of the Muscovies.
It is to show you how they communicate.
They are FUNNY!

Let me tell you about a wonderful creature called the "Muscovy Ducks"
They are clean, funny, friendly, and they are like innocent children playing around,
and they come up to you and wag their tail like puppy dogs.
They really do TRY to talk to you and to communicate with you.
It is a thrill to know them because they are one of the few wild creatures of God's
that you can make friends with.

I made this web-site to speak up for the Muscovy Ducks who can not speak up for their selves.
There are a LOT of LIES spread about these wonderful ducks, and I made this site
to tell you about their VALUES, and to not believe the LIES!
You would not believe how many Muscovies have been mutilated and killed because of lies!
So, sit back, have a cup of coffee and please read on.

The Muscovies original name was "Musco Duck", because they are known as
the "Mosquito Duck", for eating Mosquitoes.
The Russain Muscovites was one of the first to import them.
One of the main reasons they were brought here several hundred years ago, is to help keep down the mosquito and bug population, and that they do, and do it well. There are billions of insects on a acre of land, and the muscovy ducks are worth their weight in gold at eating mosquitos and insects. They eat the mosquito larva right in the water, and they nip in the air and eat the ones flying around. They love roaches and eat them like they are candy, they eat flies, and maggots and do a lot to keep down the fly population. They even eat those rolly pollies that you find under rocks and all around the outside of your house. They have a bad taste, and most birds won't even eat them, the Muscovies are one of the few things that will eat them. I have even seen them eat ants, they eat every bug they see. But what even makes them more valuable is they love spiders, and they eat even the poisonous ones, the Black Widow, and the deadly brown spider that is worse than the Black Widow. It is quite common in Florida. They are in our garages, around our house,(some are right in our homes) under our picnic tables, all around us, and the Muscovy Ducks have saved many peoples lives from spider bites and people don't even know it. They should have these ducks in all parks for these reasons. They go under the bridges and picnic tables where kids play, and reach up in the corners and crevices and eat the spiders, along with other insects, making them more valuable than people will ever know. By the way... these spiders love to live in mops, brooms and brushes, and have their family in them also. If you have brooms, brushes,or mops in the garage or out side, do not bring them in the house without soaking them in clorox for a day or so...also, do not handle your brushes without soaking them first in the clorox, or one can come right onto your hand.

It is a fact that south Florida is turning into a tropical rain forrest. Have you noticed it is getting more and more humid,
and raining more and more, and every year is worse than the year before? Well, that is why.
The closer you get to the Everglades, the worse it gets too.
That also means more and more BUGS! We need the ducks more and more too, to eat the bugs.
We need all the bug eating critters we can get, because the bugs are multiplying bad.
So leave those ducks and lizards alone, and let them do their job.

They are putting out as many lies that they can to have reasons to kill the Muscovy Ducks. They are saying that the ducks are a threat to our own native animals in that they are eating their natural food. They are also saying that the Muscovies are interbreeding with our native ducks and using it as a threat to the survival of our native ducks. These are NOT true.
For one thing there is NOT THAT many Muscovies in the state of Florida to be THAT kind or ANY kind of a threat. Do you see them EVERYWHERE? You only see them in small areas. You only see them around SOME lakes and ponds and a little in the everglades.
Another thing, it is a LIE that they are eating our native animals food. Have you ever looked around in Florida? There are SO many PESTS and mosquitos that we NEED all the animals that we can get to eat them. ALL the wild life we have in Florida all put together will NEVER eat ALL of the pests that we have because Florida is BOMBARDED with plenty of pests and things for ALL of our native creatures to eat and we even need MORE creatures to eat them,
they will NEVER eliminate them there is just too much of them in Florida.
It is a FACT that by nature, a lot of Florida is becoming a "Rain Forest" and there is plenty of bugs and things here for PLENTY of creatures and animals to eat, they will never eat them all, so don't believe their LIES!
And DON'T believe the STUPID hogwash about them interbreeding with other ducks. They don't do that. The only way they MIGHT do that is if there is NO other Muscovies around, and THEN it is not usual that they would do it, unless it was a Pekin or a bigger duck like that and Pekins do not run around in the wild, those are farm ducks and there is no threat to them any way. The Muscovies never breed with Mallards or Mottle ducks or any of the small ducks. That would be a FREAK accident.
Now get this and remember it along with this other info...
even if the Muscovies did interbreed with other ducks and have babies, those babies are called "MULES" and will grow up to be STERILE!! They can NOT multiply! So it is NO THREAT even if the Muscovies did interbreed. So when you hear people tell these lies, don't be stupid enough to believe it!

Many farms use the muscovies to help control the bugs, flies, mosquitos, and weeds on their farm. Muscovy Ducks also come in handy on farms because they go around and eat all the excess food laying around that can draw rats. They also come in handy so the farmer can give them the left over food of the chickens or other fowl. I give them my fowls left over food daily... I do not know what I would do with it, if I didn't have the wild Muscovies that visit me daily, and eat my excess feed. The Muscovies even help keep down the rats because of eating the left over food, then there is none to draw the rats in the night to eat it. The Muscovies have it all gone by the time night falls. They also come in handy because they eat the roaches and other bugs all over the place. When we first moved in here there were roaches all over our yard, now with the ducks here, I never see any.
Many people do not know it, but, Florida is crawling with rats. Rats are all over Florida, even in the rich areas. There are many different types here also, hugh ones, burrowing ones, regular ones, etc. The Muscovies help very much to keep them down.

They are building many homes in many areas here in south Florida, and they are going over board at putting lakes in. Here a lake, there a lake, everywhere a lake. Many of these areas do not allow the ducks to be in their area. This is not right for many reasons. The ducks were out there for years, it is not right to go in their area, take over, and push them out, when it is their home, especially when they are also so beneficial to us and we need them. People should realize that it is only natural to ducks to go to lakes. God made them with web feet for water, they are water fowl and it is their nature to go to lakes, besides the fact that they are good for the lakes. You can not go to the beach and expect to not see any sea gulls, and you should understand that ducks belong on the lakes, and they are good for the lakes. People have to start realizing that we need nature for many reasons, and all creation has a purpose. We have to give room for nature, lest we destroy ourselves. The people who do not like ducks and do not want to live with them should NOT live on lakes! It's that simple. If you don't like sea gulls, don't live by the ocean, etc.

Muscovies do not cause algae or polution in the water, they eat a lot of algae, and they eat a lot of the weeds around lakes and ponds and canals. It is not true that the Muscovies cause algae... they eat it, they do not cause it. People and things rottening in the water cause most of the problem. Pine needles, trees shedding, and also the ones that go dormant in the winter, all shed their leaves in the water. The holly trees and other trees that produce berries, drop their berries in the water. The holly tree berries are already poisonous, but when they fall into the waters, and rot there they create a bad botulism, and polution. All these natual droppings cause pollution, and they are worse when the trees shed. Then there are broken limbs and other things hanging around in the water, anything sitting in the water, rots and causes polution. But the worst of all, is people. They throw everything in the water. Right here on the lake I live on, you would not believe the things people throw in the water... tree limbs, garbage, trash, old eggs, their oranges and grapefruit that is laying around their yard rottening, they toss it into the lake as they are mowing their yard usually. My next door neighbor throws everything she can out there, to get it out of her way, and even any dead animal or bird or duck that she finds, she tosses it over the fence and into the lake. One neighbor throws all the dead rats that he has poisoned into the lake, he is putting poison right into the lake, and doesn't even care, and is too stupid to realize that he is putting poison in the lake. People mow their lawn, and what do they do? You would think they would mow the grass with their lawn mower turned so the grass does not spray into the water, but turned away from the water, but many people shoot it right into the water. Then the weed eaters, just drop the clippings right into the water. Even when they don't shoot it into the water,
a lot of it gets blown in any way. All these things rot and turns into polution.
There is a man down a ways, who throws old tile out of bath rooms into the lake, cause he retiles bath rooms for people, and what does he do with the old tile he takes off of the walls? He brings them home and throws them in the lake. He probably thinks that they make a good bank, but, the truth is... they are pottery, and the paint on them has lead in it, and poisons the water. The only pottery or ceramics that is safe to put into the water is dishes that you eat from, cause they are cooked with lead free paint, so it does not poison us. This man dosn't even realize probably that he is poisoning the whole lake,
and obviously doesn't care either, as long as he gets rid of it.
Those are just some of the examples. I can not believe that people try to blame the algae and polution on the ducks, when it is mostly the people who are the cause. Duck droppings is very natual. If the ducks were guilty, then the fish would be much more guilty, cause there is a awful lot more fish droppings in the water, than there are ducks. It would have to be a small lake with a AWFUL LOT of ducks on it, for the ducks to be part of the cause.
Any one who has fish tanks... don't put any ceramics in your tank unless you got them from a pet shop,
for fish tanks, because you will put lead paint in your tank. Many people have killed their fish by doing that.

Here's a couple more examples of the effects the Muscovies can make.... Do you know, in China, they have had
SO much trouble with Locusts, and NOTHING gets rid of them. So, guess what they tried, and found it works wonders...
They took bunches of ducks and set them free in the fields where the locusts were, and they devoured them.
It worked GREAT for them, and they are going to keep doing it.

You never know what is in the future either. In the future, gas could be a problem to get. If that happens, we might need to start making our own fuel for our cars, and the duck poo is great for that! I know how to make it by the buckets.
I am saving that and a lot more for a book I plan to write on the Muscovies.

There is a area in South Florida, that had Muscovies around, and they never had a mosquito problem. Then, they got rid of the Muscovies, and before you knew it, they had a bad mosquito problem... then they had to go and get a pest control company to come in and spray with those dangerous pesticides. They were fine until they got rid of the ducks. It is a shame, that people can't just let nature alone, so it can do it's job. They butt in, and mess up everything. The Muscovies help a lot, to keep down the mosquito population. This does not promise that they will totally eliminate the mosquitoes, but they sure help.

It is not true that Muscovies attack people. They run from a bird. A female may threaten you if she thinks you are after her babies or near them, but not otherwise. This is normal with all fowl and birds, and any animal just protecting it's young. The male Muscovies fight with each other at times during mating season, but other than that, they never bother anything outside of their own. Of course, do not ever let infants around any animal, you just do not take a chance no matter how safe it is.
The only times a muscovy will get rowdy with people, is... if you have raised them from babies, some of the ones you raise, will want to play with you every time they see you, just like a puppy, and will come after your feet, just like some dogs do, that have that kind of personality. They can scratch your feet with their toenails, and bite somewhat, from trying to play with you... just like a puppy does... they are not being mean, they are just playing, they do not know they are scratching you, they just want to play. It gradualy leavs as they mature, but these are the ones, who when they grow up, are your best and closest to you. This does not happen though, unless the duck is very familiar with you, and has been raised by you. Each Muscovy has it's own personality, some are more playful, some are more shy, etc.One thing very important to remember with Muscovies that you raise, DO NOT release the ones that become too tame. If you do not want them, find them a home some where, but, do not release them. Because the ones that become too tame, will be killed easy, by going up to the wrong person, who would hurt them, but the duck does not know not to trust them, because you raised them to trust people. Also, if you release a Muscovy, and he is the playful type, the kind like I was talking about above... then, he will get killed because, he will go up to a stranger and try to play with them, and the stranger will think the duck is attacking them, and may hurt or kill the duck. So, if you raise a Muscovy that becomes too tame, then be responsible for him and what happens to him. If you can not keep him, then find him a home with some one who knows Muscovies. Don't just release him, because you will get him killed, and it can scare the person that has the encounter with the duck, because he will not understand what the duck is doing.
It is usually just some of the males who may turn out extra friendly like this, the females are always just sweet,
as sweet as sweet can be, they only get upset if you go near their babies or eggs.

I really get sick of the lies some people say about Muscovies. Do not believe that Muscovies carry diseases to people, that is not true, and they do not carry diseases period. As any living person or creature, ducks can occasionally get ill, just as any bird of fowl can, this does not mean they carry diseases.
They also do not attack people. People who do not like them say that so other people will not want them around. They are very clean also. They take from 3 to 10 baths a day. Their droppings are soft and wash down with a hose very easy,
and it is very good fertilizer.
The muscovies get blamed for other creatures poop too. The toads come out at night all over Florida. They poop all over the place. Their poop is hard and does not wash down easy. Guess who gets the blame for the toad poop? Yep... the ducks. It is very easy to tell the duck poop. It washes down easy, all duck poop washes down easy. If it has sat in the sun and dried up, it just needs you to shower it to get it wet, and let it soak for a few minutes, and it will loosen right up and hose off easy. If it is hard to wash down, then it is NOT duck poop. The duck poop IS great for your grass and plants. Not only do the Muscovies have many valuable reasons to have them around, they are also fun little guys to have around.

The Muscovies are quiet, as a matter of fact, they are about the quietest duck there is. The other wild ducks are the noise makers. The Muscovies do not hurt any thing or any one. They do not mind living right with us, no matter what we may have in our yard. They do not complain if you have a loud party, or any thing, they are so easy going, and put up with us humans, no matter what, even when we are in their teritory.
When I feed my fowl daily, all my regular farm ducks, the Pekin, Sweeds, Campbles, Mallards, etc... they all dive in to the feed dish like they are starved, all pushing and pulling at each other to eat, while the Muscovies all stand back, and wait till the others are all done, then they go over and eat. The Muscovies will get after each other, but, they do not bother the other ducks at all. It is the other ducks that get after them. The Muscovies are so nice and easy going that it is remarkable.
I love all my ducks and fowl, but there is a definite difference, the Muscovies are very special!

For people who are having a over population of ducks, it is quite simple to keep down the population if you check out your yard a couple times a month, and gather the eggs. If you do it every two weeks, it should not be a problem. Just make sure they are not ready to hatch before you do.

When you see a Mama Duck, with a bunch of ducklings, she will never end up with all of them. She will be lucky, if she ends up with one or 2. At the most 4 to 6. Rarely do they end up with more, and 90% of the time, they end up with none, after all their hard work. One of these days, I'll tell you the tortures of hell the poor female duck has to go through, to try to have her little family. I can tell you this now.... thank God, you are not a duck. Especially a Muscovy.
Some day, I will also tell you about some of the ducks that I have rescued, and the hell they go through.

If it wasn't for fowl and birds and lizards, the world would be over ran with bugs and creepy crawlers. People act like people own the world... like people are the only ones God made the world for... if that was so, then God wouldn't have made any animals or birds... the fact is, he made them before he made man... and by the 6th chapter of Genesis, thats the very first book in the Bible, and only 6 chapters into it, the Bible says, God was sorry he ever made man.
(Gen 6:6) says...
And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

Have you heard that the ducks ruin your yard? Well, I have lots of Muscovies in my yard.
I have a page that will show you my yard, and how much the Muscovies have helped my trees, shrubs and grass.
To see for your self see #3 in my drop menu below.

The Muscovy Ducks have been a wonder to behold. They are such a good creation. They each have their own personality. They become your friends. When I'm sitting in my lawn chair, and I see them flying from afar, right up to me, and land, and I hear the great power in their wings, it is such a thrill. Especially when it is one of the Ducks I personally know.


This is Iggy (above) she belongs to Merrin,
a little girlfriend of mine in Australia.

This is Vivi and her Muscovy Loki.

Most people who have written to me from other countries, all over the world, tell me that there is no problem with Muscovies in their country, people love them and they roam free.
It seems to only be America that invites any kind of human foreigner yet kills
any kind of free foreign animal that they find.

Did you know there was a Muscovy Duck who was in World War-2 ?
Here is a picture of the book.

The name of the book is,
The True story of a Muscovy duck called Corporal Haggis who fought in WW2 in
Italy, France, Holland and Belgium until peace was declared.
He was awarded the "Italy Star" "Long Service" and "Good conduct" medals,
he even wore the cap badge of the Royal Scots Greys on a boot lace
around his neck. You can see it in the picture.
This great duck after serving several years in the service,
was killed by friendly fire.
He was in a British troop, and he walked off to go looking for bugs to eat and came up to a Canadian troop, and the Canadians shot him for dinner.
They did not know that he was a special duck.
This is the case with all Muscovies, they are being killed so much, because so many people do not know that they are VERY SPECIAL Ducks :(
People who KNOW them, LOVE them.
The Corporal's remains was buried with full military honors,
beside a young oak tree just outside Wismar.
His grave is marked with a little plaque,
made from the top of an ammunition box.
It said;

served as Acting
unpaid Corporal Haggis
A Scots Grey
of the 1939/45 war.

Part of all of them, remained for ever at that oak tree.

You gotta know these are special ducks.
Authors of the book - Frank and Julian Akers-Douglas,
Illustrated by Angelika Elsebach. The book was made in Great Britan
A very dear lady named Mary from a small village in England searched the net
several days and found this book for me.
Thank you so very much Mary, that was so kind of you.
Mary and the village she lives in all had a very special Muscovy Duck named Elvis.
They all loved and enjoyed him, but one day they found him dead.
He was about 10 years old
It is always sad to say good-bye to a Muscovy, they are your friends and
the loss is like loosing a friend.
People know and love Muscovies all over the world. They are all over the world because they are very popular ducks and people love to have them around.
There is a special story behind every Muscovy Duck,
because they are so special.
I also have a Muscovy named Elvis, and of course, he is the best looking male, so says his name. I am going to put a picture of him on this site, if I ever find it.

There is another book about a Muscovy Duck named Lefty.
It is a sweet book, that tells about Lefty's rescue.
The name of the book is "LEFTY'S PLACE"
Here is a picture of the book
That's Lefty on the Cover.

Written & Illustrated by Lewis G Nierman
If you would like to order this book, email me.

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